Check In Time – After 2 pm
The normal check in time is from 2 pm onwards. An early or late check in may be requested.

Early Check In – An “Early check in” fee of $20 per hour may be charged for guests checking in before 12 noon. The earliest time a guest is able to check in is 9am (i.e. $60 maximum early check in fee)

Late Check In – A “Late check in” fee of $20 per hour will be charged for guests checking in after 8 pm. The latest time a guest is able to check in is 11 pm (i.e. $60 maximum late check in fee)

Check Out Time – Before 10am
Guests are able to check out at any time before 10 am.
A late check out may be requested. A “Late check out” fee of $20 per hour will be charged for guests checking out after 11am. The latest time a guest is able to check out is 2 pm (i.e. $60 maximum “Late check out” fee). We recommend guests wishing to check out after 2 pm, simply book another night’s accommodation (if available). It is not always possible for us to grant a late check out as we may have the suite/ apartment booked the following day.

Total Non-Smoking Policy and Fees
The Balcony On Sixth Lodge is entirely a smoke free facility. We do not allow smoking in any form, in or on any of our properties. Failure to comply with this will incur commercial cleaning charges, which may include but not be limited to, the cleaning of carpets, curtains, deep cleaning linen, sofas and all soft furnishings. This will be a minimum charge of $200 which will be charged to your account, if there is evidence of smoking taking place. Thank you to all our guests for observing our TOTAL NON-SMOKING policy. 

Child Policy

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge is not ideal for smaller children. Unfortunately, children aged 3 years and under are NOT able to be accommodated at the lodge. We do have fully self contained apartments available for families with children of all ages. Please refer to our “Tariffs/ Bookings” page on our website for details of “Murray Bridge Executive Apartments”.

All persons will be charged at the nominal “extra person” rate (This includes children and infants). Only one child per room will be allowed, unless otherwise discussed.


Limited secure parking is available at the Balcony On Sixth Lodge on a “first come, first serve basis”. No guarantees can be made that a secured park will be available to you, unless booked and paid for at the time of booking accommodation. Parking out the front of the lodge building is abundant and free.

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge reserves the right to refuse entry to or to remove any guest and/ or guests from our premises, where the management and/or staff deem a person and/ or persons to be undesirable, conducting an unlawful activity or disruptive, without notice and without a refund.

The storing or carrying of guns, ammunition and/ or any weapon is strictly prohibited within any of the Balcony On Sixth Lodge premises and adjacent areas to the property. We have suggested in the past that gun club owners, store their items at a pre-arranged facility prior to booking in. A breach of these conditions will result in instant removal from the premises without a refund and SAPOL being contacted.

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge and / or its management and staff will not be responsible for accidental injury to guests or for any loss of money, jewelry or valuables of any kind, including vehicles and/ or their contents, parked on or adjacent to our premises.

Due to health regulations, we are unable to accommodate any animals.

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge is a fully licensed facility. The management encourages the responsible service of alcohol and reserves the right to refuse service. The management also reserves the right to permanently remove any guest or guests it deems to be intoxicated, without notice and without a refund.

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge reserves the right to vary room rates during peak period, long weekends or special events, at any stage and without notice.

The Balcony On Sixth Lodge may charge for excessively soiled laundry/ linen, missing items and/ or damage to carpets and/ or fixtures and fittings.


A booking must be accompanied with a valid credit card. Full payment will be deducted from the credit card at the time of the booking being made. The credit card details will be retained for the purposes of extra charges being made.

A booking is not confirmed until full payment has been received.

A valid credit card may be asked to be sighted upon arrival. A pre-authority of $150 may be taken at the time of checking in. If a valid credit card is not available, a security deposit of $150 will be required. This security deposit will be refund within 48 hours, into the guests chosen bank account, upon our accommodation being vacated and all keys returned, minus any amounts for incidentals or damaged property.

Cancellation Policy

The company reserves the right, in the event of a booking being cancelled by a guest, to the following cancellation fees:

  • Cancellation up to 48 hours prior to the booking date (2pm) - 20%
  • Cancellation within 48 hours of the booking date (2pm) - 100%
  • Failure to show on the day of arrival, without notice – 100%
  • Special Events – Cancellation within 1 calendar month of a Special Event – 100% (Please ask our staff for a list of Special Events)
  • Bookings are non-transferrable – Your booking must be fulfilled by the person(s) only on the booking.
  • Change of Date Fee: A fee equal to 20% of the total nights not fulfilled within the original booking dates will be charged for each and every night changed. The change of date fee will be charged on each and every occurrence. The date cannot be changed within a two week period of the booking date (2pm)
  • We are required to pass on the American Express surcharges of 4% to your booking. International credit cards will attract a 2.5% cross border fee.
  • Extra guests unaccounted for and being accommodated will be charged a penalty fee of $60 on top of any existing fee, in place. If it is not possible to accommodate the person(s) – they will be asked to leave immediately.
  • All pricing included in this document is inclusive of GST